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2016 Research Forum Abstracts

2016 Research Forum Abstracts

Congratulations to all who presented at the 2016 International Trauma Conference in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Selected for the Excellence in Research Award – 2016:

Surgical Training for Torso Exsanguination in Weightlessness and Difficult Oceanic Conditions

Presented by: 2nd Lt. Noelani Arango, OMS III, Medical Student, Rocky Vista University, Greeley, Colorado, USA

Other selections presented at the Forum:

Comparison of Levels of Care Provided for the Majority of Prehospital Patients – AEMT vs. EMT-P. A review of 786,403 patient records

Presented by:  David Maatman, NRP/IC – Owner, EMSFirst-EMS Education & Systems Consulting, Bradenton, Florida, USA

Changing demographic profiles of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury: Implications on Healthcare Planning

Presented by:  Terence YS Liew, MBBS Year 4 and Ng Jun Xuan, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Singapore and Division of Neurosurgery, National University Hospital, Singapore

A Novel Perfused Cadaver Model for Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA)

Presented by:  Elliott Ross, MD, Military EMS and Disaster Medicine Fellow/Associate Medical Director for San Antonio Fire Department, San Antonio, Texas USA

The Cost Effectiveness of Research: Are these Objective Measurements the Tools of the Future

Presented by: Olivia Klinkhammer, MS3, Medical Student, Rocky Vista University, Greeley, Colorado, USA

The Effect Of Stress As Measured By Heart Rate Variability On Trauma Team Members In Weightlessness, Difficult Oceanic Conditions, and Mass Casualty

Presented by: Jason Hofstede, MS3, Medical Student, Rocky Vista University, Greeley, Colorado, USA