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Rapid Renewal Provider Update

ITLS is proud to present the 9th Edition Instructor Update, a tool for ITLS instructors to update to the 9th Edition ITLS provider manual published in November 2019.

What the ITLS Rapid Renewal Provider Update includes:

  • 1-hour narrated online course module
  • 15-question lesson quiz

Cost: $40.00

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Here’s how the ITLS Rapid Renewal Provider Update program works:

1. You must hold a current, valid ITLS Basic or Advanced Provider certification to be eligible to renew through the ITLS Rapid Renewal Provider Update program. If your Provider certification is expired, please contact your local Chapter or Training Centre to inquire about eligibility.

2. Purchase and complete the Rapid Renewal Provider Update, a 1-hour online course. A 15- question quiz is built into the end of the course module; a score of 80% or higher is required for successful completion. You may retake the quiz as many times as necessary to achieve the passing score.

3. Print your Course Completion Certificate after successful completion of the Rapid Renewal Provider Update Quiz. This certificate is required for entry into the classroom Testing Component.

4. Contact your local Chapter or Training Centre to set up a Testing Component appointment.

5. At the Testing Component, complete and pass the Written Exam (score of 74% or higher) and Patient Assessment Practical Exam (rating of Adequate, Good, or Excellent).

6. Upon successful performance of your Patient Assessment Practical Exam, your ITLS Basic or Advanced Provider Recertification card and certificate will be sent to you by your local Chapter or Training Centre. Your card may be sent by email or hard copy at the discretion of the Chapter/Training Centre. You will also be awarded 1 hour of CAPCE continuing education credit. The credit statement appears at the bottom of the ITLS certificate you receive with your card.

NOTE: If you attend the Testing Component and fail either or both the Written and Patient Assessment Practical Exam(s), you will have the opportunity to retest 1 time on each; failure of either exam on a second attempt will result in recertifying through the traditional means required by your Chapter or Training Centre (8- or 16-hour in-person course). ITLS recommends reviewing the 9th Edition ITLS for Emergency Care Providers textbook thoroughly before attending the Testing Component.

Early Renewal Eligibility:

You may use the Rapid Renewal Provider Update program to renew your ITLS Provider certification up to 1 year before the expiration of your current certification.