Improving Trauma Care Worldwide


Bylaws Committee
Chapter & Training Centre Development and Support Committee
Communications Committee
Conference Planning Committee
Editorial Board
Finance Committee
Innovation Committee
Nominating Committee

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Elsabe Nel, MD (Alberta)

Qirong Du, MD (China – Shanghai Xin Hua Hospital)
Holly Hage, EMT-P (Wisconsin)
Yerrinaidu Kommineni, EMT-P (India – Secunderabad)
Peter Macintyre, ACP (ret.), BHSc* (Ontario) – Board liaison
Arlett Payne, EMT-P, PA-C, MPH (Illinois)
Kristopher Porlier, CD, BSc, ACP (Canadian Armed Forces)
Santoshi Sathe, EMT (India – Secunderabad)
Dennis Stanford, EMT-P (Illinois)


  • Draft bylaw changes as identified by delegates and the Board of Directors and prepare for submission to the Board for review as per the bylaws.
  • Explore electronic voting for annual elections to allow more delegates to participate

Chapter & Training Centre Development and Support Committee

Co-Chair: Elsabe Nel, MD (Alberta)
Co-Chair: Jayesh Shinde, MBA, PgdEMS, BDS (Singapore & Malaysia)

Jim Avey, EMT-P (Alberta)
Bruce Barnhart, MSN, RN, CEP (Arizona)
Amy K. Boise, NRP, FP-C (Arizona)
Daniel Carter, NRP (Kentucky & Indiana)
Liz Cloughessy, AM, RN, Mast Health Mgt, FAEN (Australia) – Board liaison
Ana Correia, MD (Portugal)
Marc-Antoine Dore, B.Sc CAT(C) (Quebec)
Jonathan Fannin, EMT-P, FP-C (Mid-Atlantic)
Jeff Gilliard, NRP/CCEMTP/FPM (Florida – FEMSA)
Richard Gonzalez, EMT-P (Florida)
Brian James, MD (Jamaica)
Aaron Jeanette, EMT-P, PI* (Indiana)
Jurii Kryvonos, MD (Poland)
Sandeep Kumar, MD (Alberta)
Fernando Lopez Pereira, RN (Spain)
Matt McGurk, ACP, MA, CHE (Saskatchewan)
Stephen Miskulin, PCP (British Columbia)
John Mohler, RN (Nevada)
Donald Morrow, RN, NREMTP (Texas)
Wai Poon, RN, PhD (Hong Kong)
Parag Rishipathak, MD, PhD (India – Pune)
Paulo Santos, RN, MCISc, MPhDSt (Portugal – IPL/ESSLEI)
Pablo Smester, MD (Dominican Republic)
Sultan Sultan, RN (Dubai)


  • Provide a support network for existing and potential chapters and training centres
  • Develop a quality improvement plan for chapters and training centres
  • Identify opportunities and strategies whereby ITLS can expand its global commitment and presence
  • Develop a framework for promoting regional forums to promote communication and relationships
  • Assist staff to foster the formation of new ITLS chapters and training centres with appropriate associations, institutions and organizations
  • Identify new strategic partnerships and enhance existing partnerships
  • Review all criteria and considerations surrounding the application for chapters and training centres with staff and provide recommendations to the Board

Communications Committee

Chair: Brian Therien, NRP, CCP, MICP (Pennsylvania)
Co-Chair: Eric Roy* (Canadian Armed Forces) – Board liaison

Kimberly Albright, EMT-P, CCEMT-P, EMS LI (Illinois)
Pierre-Marc Dion, BScN, RN (Canadian Armed Forces)
Vaijayanti Gandhi, MBBS, DA, DNB, PGDMLE, DNIIT (India – Pune)
Aaron Jeanette, EMT-P, PI* (Indiana)
Todd Knight, BS, FP-C, CCP, NRP (Tennessee)
Trevor Pearson, EMT (Pennsylvania)
Greg Petersen, Paramedic/Educator
Editorial Board Representatives:
Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD (New York)
Aurora Lybeck, MD (Wisconsin)


  • Implement elements of the strategic plan for delivery of ITLS information to internal and external groups
  • Develop a broad-based strategy for external delivery of ITLS news blasts and other communications
  • Support an ITLS blog with members of the Editorial Board providing content
  • Investigate translations of communications vehicles

Conference Planning Committee

Chair: Michael Rushing, NRP, RN, BSN, CEN (Florida)

Lauri Beechler, RN, MSN, CEN, NRP (Texas)
Richard Neville Bradley, MD, EMT-P (Texas)
Rita Chambers, BBA, NRP, EMSI (Ohio)
Liz Cloughessy, RN, MHM, FAEN* (Australia) – Board liaison
Miles Darby, EMT-P* (Pennsylvania)
Billy Eldridge, EMT-P (North Carolina)
Jeff Gilliard, NRP/CCEMTP/FPM (Florida – FEMSA)
Aaron Jeanette, EMT-P, PI* (Indiana) – Communications Committee Liaison
Simon-Luc JJ Lavoie, CAF (Canadian Armed Forces)
Michael O’Donnell, ACP (Ontario)
Bradley Perry, EMT-P/CC (Illinois)
Weslie Powell, CCEMT-Paramedic (Alabama)


  • Create annual work plan and timeline for program development and meetings that designates responsibility for official action on behalf of ITLS and forward to Board for action
  • Evaluate the adoption of conference registration discounts for attendees of pre-conference courses and report to the Board
  • Continue to review current conference planning needs and develop a strategy for future meetings
  • Create workgroups as needed and specify responsibilities and reporting structure for more effective action
    • Exhibitor / sponsorship workgroup
    • Competition workgroup
    • CME, CE, CNE workgroup
    • Operational workgroup (including local liaison)
    • Educational programming workgroup (include long range planning workgroup to work on big picture and next meeting)

Editorial Board

Chair: Kyee Han, MBBS, FRCS, FRCEM (UK) – Associate Editor
Past Chair: Darby L. Copeland, Ed.D, RN, NRP, NCEE, FAEMS (Mid-Atlantic)


Core Group:
Roy Alson, MD, PhD, FACEP (North Carolina) – Editor in Chief
Tony Connelly, EMT-P, BHSc., PG CertEd.* (Alberta) – Board Liaison
Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD (New York)
Luis Figuereido, RN (Portgual)
Tim Hillier, MA, ACP (Saskatchewan)
Aurora Lybeck, MD (Wisconsin)
Eva Molter, MD (Germany)
Bob Page, M.Ed, NRP, CCP, NCEE (Missouri)
Antonio Requena Lopez, MD (Spain)
Alex Sammel, MD (Spain)
Harry Sibold, MD, FACEP (Montana)
Matt Sztajnkrycer, MD, PhD, FACEP (Minnesota)
Jonathan Epstein, NREMT-P, MEMS (Massachusetts)
Klaus Meyer, EMT-P, B. A. Education (Germany)


  • Review current literature and science relevant to ITLS with consideration for impact on curriculum
  • Evaluate and implement effective educational methodology for delivery of ITLS programs to diverse audiences
  • Provide expert advice and content to support ITLS communications vehicles on education and trauma
  • Review current student manuals, instructor manuals, audio-visual materials and evaluation tools for interim and subsequent editions ensuring consistency and adherence to the ITLS principles for all content and materials bearing the ITLS logo and name
  • Ensure that course materials are updated in a coordinated timely manner in co-operation with the publisher
  • Provide input into translations of ITLS products as needed
  • Identify and consider future needs and potential for publications, curriculum development products and training for possible Board action. Review new educational proposals and products
  • Provide oversight for educational material development for ITLS

Finance Committee

Chair: Peter Macintyre, ACP (Ret.), BHSc* (Ontario)

Russell Bieniek, MD, FACEP* (Pennsylvania)
Richard Neville Bradley, MD, EMT-P* (Texas)
Neil Christen, MD, FACEP* (Alabama)
Tony Connelly, EMT-P, BHSc., PG CertEd.* (Alberta)
Alessandro Dente, MD* (Italy – AIFE)
Eric Roy* (Canadian Armed Forces)


  • Evaluate the current strategy screen for assessing financial viability, considering budget implications, ROI, expected income and market share, and consistency with governance policies
  • Review the operating budget with the ED for the calendar/fiscal year and submit to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Work closely with the Executive Director and the Board to monitor the budget and financial impact of the Board’s strategic plan on the budget at least quarterly
  • Work closely with the Executive Director to monitor existing financial policies and procedures to ensure consistency with current operating structure and management services contract
  • Identify areas requiring policies and procedures and draft language for approval by the Board of Directors
  • Work closely with the Executive Director to investigate, solicit and secure funding for ITLS with input from appropriate committees
  • Provide oversight and review of preparation and filing of state and federal tax returns

Innovation Committee

Chair: Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD (New York)

Timothy Ballard, MD, MPH, SFS, Col, USAF, MC (DIMO)
Neil Christen, MD, FACEP* (Alabama) – Board liaison
Darby L. Copeland, Ed.D, RN, NRP, NCEE, FAEMS (Mid-Atlantic)
Miles Darby, EMT-P* (Pennsylvania)
Jonathan Epstein, MEMS, NRP* (Massachusetts)
Aaron Jeanette, EMT-P, PI* (Indiana)

Nominating Committee

Chair: Neil Christen, MD, FACEP* (Alabama)
Co-Chair: Lauri Beechler, RN, EMT-P (Texas)

Leon Charpentier, EMT-P (Ret.) (Texas)
Kristen Olsen, RN, MSN, CFRN, CMTE, RN-BC (Indiana)
Michelle Stanhope, EMT-P (Florida)
Neville Vlok, MD (Southern Africa)


  • Solicit nominations for Board nominees from the chapters and others
  • Provide a list of nominees to each Chapter at least 30 days prior to the election
  • Review and discuss all nominations for the Board of Directors positions
  • Review the nominations and elections procedures
  • Review delegate qualifications and appointment procedures
  • Attempt to ensure a balance on the Board considering geographic representation, professional background, relevant exposure and experience, level of commitment to ITLS at an international level and past demonstrated interactions and input to ITLS International
  • Present nominations to the delegates and serve as the credentialing committee at the Annual Meeting (Business Session)
  • Chair will serve as chief teller for elections and select tellers for the election process