Improving Trauma Care Worldwide


All committees report to the ITLS Board of Directors.

Volunteers of ITLS are expected to:

  • Understand and be familiar with your committee’s mission and goals
  • Actively participate in all committee meetings including teleconference calls, in-person meetings, and related programs. Most meetings are held quarterly unless otherwise noted
  • Prepare for the meeting by reviewing the agenda and ready to make knowledge-based decisions if requested
  • Communicate with your fellow committee members and chairs during meetings, via email, and other methods as deemed necessary
  • Actively participate and collaborate in all committee tasks/projects as assigned
  • View and understand the ITLS Volunteer Orientation
  • Reach out to the ITLS Staff Liaison and ITLS Committee Chair(s) if you have questions or ideas to share

    Awards, Bylaws & Nominating Committee
    Conference Planning Committee
    Conference Competition Committee
    Editorial Board
    Finance Committee
    Marketing & Communications Committee
    Strategic Development & Support Advisory Committee
    Regional Forum Committee

    Awards, Bylaws & Nominating Committee

    Mission/Purpose: To foster diverse opportunities in identifying, supporting, and evaluating strategies for future leaders of ITLS through awards & recognition and serving as the guiding body to ITLS to maintain the highest standards of governance and ethical practices within the organization.

    The committee oversees the following responsibilities:


    • Review the nominations and awards selection criteria and eligibility
    • Develop an annual awards nomination plan
    • Solicit nominations for awards from ITLS chapters, Training Centers and ITLS Committees
    • Prepare an award slate for consideration of the Board of Directors


    • Review bylaws to identify changes that may be required to maintain compliance with governing bodies and ITLS operations
    • Draft bylaw changes and recommendations as identified by committee, the delegates, and the Board of Directors in accordance with the ITLS Bylaws to the ITLS Board of Directors
    • Work with the ITLS Speaker and Vice-Speaker prepare a presentation to the delegates of proposed bylaw changes for review and consideration


    • Identify and ensure there is a balance of skills, capabilities, experience, and desire of current and future members of the Board of Directors and the ITLS Board of Directors Executive Committee
    • Develop an annual nomination plan that considers a diverse slate of candidates including geographic representation, professional background, relevant exposure, experience and skills, and a demonstrated level of commitment to ITLS
    • Review the nominations and elections procedures
    • Review delegate qualifications and appointment procedures
    • Solicit nominations for Board nominees from ITLS chapters and ITLS Committees
    • Review and discuss all nominations for Board of Director positions
    • Prepare a slate of nominations for the Board and Executive Committee
    • Present Board nominations to the delegates
    • Solicit nominations for the Executive Committee from the elected Board of Directors
    • Prepare a slate of nominations for the Executive Committee from the newly elected Board of Directors

    Other Committee Duties:

    • Credentialing Committee
      • Volunteers are welcome to assist onsite, but the Chair will oversee the Credentialing Committee

    The chair will serve as committee chair of the Credentialing Committee and select tellers for the election process.


    • Draft bylaw changes as identified by delegates and the Board of Directors and prepare for submission to the Board for review as per the bylaws

      Conference Planning Committee

      Chair: Michael Rushing, MSN, APRN, NRP, FNP-BC, CEN, CPEN, CFRN, TCRN, CCRN-CMC (Florida)

      Justin Beal, RN, NRP, PHRN, (Pennsylvania)
      Richard Neville Bradley, MD, FACEP, EMT-P (Texas)
      Rita Chambers, BBA, NRP, EMSI (Ohio)
      Liz Cloughessy, RN, MHM, FAEN* (Australia) – Board liaison
      Jay Cruise, ACP (Ontario)
      Billy Eldridge, EMT-P (North Carolina)
      Lois Lane, RN (Canada)
      Simon-Luc Lavoie, QLA5a Med Tech/ACP (Canadian Armed Forces)
      Aaron Jeanette, EMT-P, PI* (Indiana) – Communications Committee Liaison
      Glynn Lookabill, MaEd, EMT (retired) (North Carolina)
      Michael O’Donnell, ACP (Ontario)
      Weslie Powell, B.S., CCEMTP, NRP, Tactical Medic (Alabama)
      Donna Strong, EMT-P (North Carolina)

      Mission/Purpose: To effectively plan, develop, manage, and execute all sections of the annual International Trauma Conference.

      The committee is dedicated to upholding ITLS excellence in education, training, and research through preconference workshops, programming, speaker selection, collaboration, and strategies to enrich the learning experience at the annual conference.


      • Create an annual work plan and timeline for program development and meetings that designate responsibility for official action on behalf of ITLS and forward it to the Board for action
      • Continue to review current conference planning needs and develop a strategy for future meetings
      • Create workgroups as needed to support committee goals and initiatives

      Conference Competition Committee

      Mission/Purpose: To create a dynamic and challenging program in alignment with ITLS principles that enhances participants’ skills and knowledge and fosters innovation to excel in trauma care.


      • Ensure the scenarios are challenging and use the best implementations, such as high-fidelity training
        • Develop ITLS-driven high-fidelity scenarios over two preliminary days of competition, culminating in a challenging final scenario day. There will be three (3) final scenarios for teams to manage, and scoring will be cumulative
      • Compose innovative scenarios that meet ITLS’s mission and vision expectations
      • Develop security of scenarios and judgment material with appropriate measures meeting ITLS’s goal
      • Ensure fair and nondiscriminatory competition that advances the ITLS community
      • At all times provide a safe environment for all teams and participants during the competition

      Editorial Board

      Chair: Tony Connelly, EMT-P, BHSc, PG CertEd* (Alberta)


      Core Group:
      Roy Alson, MD, PhD, FACEP (North Carolina) – Editor in Chief
      Liz Cloughessy, AM, RN, Mast Health Mgt, FAEN (Australia) – Board Liaison
      Darby L. Copeland, Ed.D, RN, NRP, NCEE, FAEMS (Mid-Atlantic)
      Jonathan Epstein, NRP, MEMS (Massachusetts) – Ex-Officio
      Luis Figuereido, RN (Portgual)
      Kyee H Han MBBS, FRCS, FRCEM (England)
      Aurora Lybeck, MD (Wisconsin)
      Howie Mell, MD, MPH, CPE FACEP (Illinois)
      Bob Page, M.Ed, NRP, CCP, NCEE (Missouri)
      Antonio Requena Lopez, MD (Spain)
      Alex Sammel, MD (Spain)
      Harry Sibold, MD, FACEP (Montana)
      Matt Sztajnkrycer, MD, PhD, FACEP (Minnesota)

      Mission/Purpose: To ensure the continuous improvement of ITLS programs, materials, and methodologies, promoting excellence in trauma care education worldwide.


      • Review current literature and science relevant to ITLS with consideration for impact on curriculum
      • Evaluate and implement an effective educational methodology for the delivery of ITLS programs to diverse audiences
      • Provide expert advice and content to support ITLS communications vehicles on education and trauma
      • Review current student manuals, instructor manuals, audio-visual materials, and evaluation tools for interim and subsequent editions ensuring consistency and adherence to the ITLS principles for all content and materials bearing the ITLS logo and name
      • Ensure that course materials are updated in a coordinated timely manner in co-operation with the publisher
      • Provide input into translations of ITLS products as needed
      • Identify and consider future needs and potential for publications, curriculum development products, and training for Board action
      • Review new educational proposals and products
      • Provide oversight for educational material development for ITLS

      Finance Committee

      Chair: Richard Neville Bradley, MD, EMT-P* (Texas)

      Neil Christen, MD, FACEP* (Alabama)
      Tony Connelly, EMT-P, BHSc., PG CertEd.* (Alberta)
      Alessandro Dente, MD* (Italy – AIFE)
      Jeff Gilliard, EMT-P (FEMSA Florida)

      Mission/Purpose: Provides financial oversight and fiscal management for the Organization, including budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, auditing, and monitoring accountability policies.


      • Evaluate current strategies for assessing financial viability and responsibility
      • Review the operating budget with the ED for the calendar/fiscal year and submit it to the Board of Directors for approval
      • Work closely with the Executive Director and the Board to monitor the budget and fiscal impact of the Board’s strategic plan on the budget at least quarterly
      • Work closely with the Executive Director to monitor existing financial policies and procedures to ensure consistency with the current operating structure and management services contract
      • Identify areas requiring policies and procedures and draft language for approval by the Board of Directors
      • Work closely with the Executive Director to investigate, solicit, and secure funding for ITLS with input from appropriate committees

      Marketing & Communications Committee

      Mission/Purpose: To raise awareness of the ITLS brand, mission, and goals on a global scale through cultivating and strengthening relationships.


      • Implement elements of the strategic plan for delivery of ITLS information to internal and external groups about new material including through social media, electronic, and traditional communication vehicles
      • Investigate translations of communications vehicles for information delivery

      Strategic Development & Support Advisory Committee

      Mission/Purpose: To coordinate strategic planning and goal development and monitors achievement of goals and objectives and provides reports to the Board.

      To develop a structure that allows for engaged committee leadership and membership that can address the ITLS Committee mandates while maintaining committee continuity and a line of succession.


      • Develop and implement strategies, with ITLS Board approval, to improve and promote worldwide trauma care
      • Identify new strategic partnerships and support existing partnerships
      • Determine barriers and challenges to promoting ITLS within the ITLS community
      • Assist staff to foster the formation of new ITLS chapters and training centres
      • Provide a support network for existing and potential chapters and training centres

      Regional Forum Committee

      Mission/Purpose: To foster the exchange of solutions, address challenges, share best practices, and disseminate valuable information through peer learning.


      • Identify region-specific issues and assist Chapters and training centres
      • Gather regional intelligence on behalf of the Strategic Development & Support Advisory Committee
      • Provide a venue where Chapters and training centres can provide support and mentorship including quality improvement at the request of the Board of Directors
      • Collaborate and develop a regional blueprint for identifying ITLS growth opportunities