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ITLS Recertification

ITLS Recertification courses keep experienced ITLS providers and instructors up to date with the ITLS curriculum and skills.

Provider Recertification

ITLS Provider Recertification focuses on recertification of trauma assessment and management skills for the experienced provider who has already completed the Basic or Advanced Provider course.

Most ITLS Provider cards are issued for a 3-year certification period. To recertify, providers must successfully complete a 1-day Recertification course or the full 2-day Provider course. (Chapter and Training Centre requirements for these options may vary.)

Course Content

The 1-day Provider Recertification course covers the same skills stations and testing procedures as the 2-day Provider course.  Students are tested based on their skill level (Basic or Advanced) and will also take the ITLS Written Exam. An ITLS Advanced Provider or ITLS Basic Provider card will be issued upon successful completion of both the Written and Practical Exams.

Students are encouraged to review the ITLS Provider manual and study the Pre-Test in advance of the course to prepare for the Written Exam.

Course length: 8 hours

Skills Stations
Patient assessment and management
Basic and advanced airway management
Spine management:  Short SMR devices/Emergency rescue and rapid extrication
Spine management:  Helmet management/Log roll/Long backboard
Traction splints
Chest decompression/Fluid resuscitation

Written Exam
Practical Exam

9e Provider Rapid Renewal Update Option

You may use the Rapid Renewal Provider Update program to renew your ITLS Provider certification up to 1 year before the expiration of your current certification.

Instructor Recertification

ITLS Instructor cards are issued for a 2- or 3-year certification period as determined by the issuing Chapter or Training Centre. ITLS requires that all instructors are updated to the latest edition of the ITLS student manual by completing an Instructor Update. The format of the Instructor Update is determined by the ITLS Editorial Board.

To be eligible for Instructor Recertification, instructors must also have met the teaching requirements set by their local Chapter or Training Centre – a required number of ITLS courses taught within a specific time period.

9th Edition Instructor Update Online

ITLS introduced the ITLS 9th Edition Instructor Update in 2019 as a required tool for ITLS instructors to update to the 9th edition ITLS provider manual. All instructors are required to complete the 9th Edition Instructor Update Online before they are allowed to teach from the 9th edition textbook.

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