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ITLS Completer

ITLS Completer is the next step if you choose ITLS eTrauma to earn your ITLS Provider certification. The Completer Course is an in-person course that features 8 hours of hands-on skill demonstration, practice, and testing, plus the written exam required for Provider certification.

You will earn your ITLS Provider certification and card at the completion of this course, as well as 8 additional hours of CAPCE credit.

Together, ITLS eTrauma and ITLS Completer are your flexible solution for ITLS Provider certification.

Find a Completer Course:
Search the ITLS Course Management System or
Contact your local chapter/training centre to discuss availability

Course Content

ITLS Completer covers the same skills stations and testing procedures as the ITLS Provider course. Students are tested based on their skill level (Basic or Advanced) and will be awarded an ITLS Advanced Provider or ITLS Basic Provider card upon successful completion.

Course length: 8 hours

Skills Stations:
Patient assessment and management
Basic and advanced airway management
Spine management:  Short SMR devices/Emergency rescue and rapid extrication
Spine management:  Helmet management/Log roll/Long backboard
Traction splints
Chest decompression/Fluid resuscitation

Written Exam
Practical Exam