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General FAQs

FAQs for ITLS Instructor Course: A Blended-Learning Approach

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General FAQs

Who can teach the ITLS course?

ITLS courses must be taught by certified ITLS instructors. Basic ITLS instructors can teach only Basic ITLS courses. Advanced ITLS instructors can teach Basic or Advanced ITLS courses.

To become an ITLS instructor, one must attend a certified ITLS course, score at least 86% on the written exam, and score “excellent” on patient assessment skills test (chapters may choose to use additional criteria). After successful completion of an instructor course, the instructor candidate must be monitored teaching or take an instructor preceptorship (this varies from chapter to chapter).

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Can I still become an ITLS Instructor if I did not earn Instructor Potential designation at the Provider course I attended?

If you did not receive the Instructor Potential designation at the course you attended, you can appeal the decision to the Course Medical Director. The Course Medical Director has the final authority in granting Instructor Potential designation at the course. You may also opt to retake the Provider Course at your expense.

How do I become a Military Instructor?

In addition to the requirements for Instructor status, there are specific qualifications for teaching the ITLS Military 2nd Edition course. Anyone involved in the planning, delivery or coordination of the course should have military experience. In addition, those who taught the 1st edition ITLS Military course may continue to teach the course.

In unusual circumstances a physician or other military medical provider (medic, paramedic, nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) who has not taken the instructor course may help teach an ITLS course. However, this may be done only with the permission of the Chapter or Training Centre medical director or advisory committee.

How do I become a Pediatric Instructor?

To qualify as an ITLS Pediatric instructor, a person must achieve instructor potential on the Pediatric Provider course, complete the ITLS instructor course and be monitored teaching at a Pediatric Provider course. (Current ITLS instructors must successfully complete the Pediatric Provider course and then be monitored teaching at a Pediatric Provider course. There is not a dedicated Pediatric Instructor course to complete.) Persons who are experienced instructors of other EMS courses are eligible to take the Instructor Bridge course in lieu of the full Instructor course.

How do I become an Access Instructor?

You must be recommended as a potential instructor by an affiliate faculty during an ITLS Access course. Becoming an ITLS Access instructor is similar to an apprenticeship program. There is no formal course, as the content is separate from the usual ITLS core material.

What is an Affiliate Faculty member and how do I become one?

An ITLS Affiliate Faculty is a current ITLS instructor who possesses considerable knowledge with respect to the Chapter and Training Centre structure and operations, and who is willing to maintain involvement with the growth and development of the ITLS program and educational materials. Affiliate Faculty monitor the quality of ITLS courses, serve as a resource for course coordinators and medical directors, and monitor new ITLS instructors.

The appointment of an ITLS Instructor to Affiliate Faculty status is done by the Chapter or Training Centre according to procedures detailed in their Policy and Procedure Manual. Appointments are often made at the consensus of the Chapter or Training Centre’s advisory committee or by the medical director. A formal application process, including letters of recommendation and a letter of intent, may also be required for appointment. Reappointment is often on an annual basis.

Chapters and Training Centres may modify prerequisites for Affiliate Faculty. Some require a minimum amount of ITLS instructor experience (for example, 2 years) or may have additional requirements for a PHTLS instructor who has bridged to ITLS (for example, teaching a minimum of 2 ITLS courses within the 2 years of instructor experience.)

Chapters and Training Centres may also require an Affiliate Faculty training program for new Affiliate Faculty to attend before their appointment is finalized, or may require periodic Affiliate Faculty Updates for all Affiliate Faculty to attend. Additionally, some require that Affiliate Faculty attend one or more ITLS Advisory Committee meetings annually.

Where can I find instructor materials for ITLS courses?

ITLS Instructor materials include Coordinator & Instructor Guides, instructional slides, and exams. (Access to ITLS post-tests and re-tests are restricted to course coordinators only.) Some materials may be downloaded electronically at no cost, and other materials must be purchased.

Materials available electronically at no cost must be obtained from the instructor’s local Chapter or Training Centre. Chapters and Training Centres are responsible for distributing these resources to their approved course coordinators and instructors.

ITLS International does not distribute the downloadable instructor materials directly to instructors without express permission from the instructor’s local Chapter or Training Centre.

Other instructor materials for Military, Pediatric, and Access courses may be purchased online through the ITLS Bookstore.

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I contacted my local Chapter or Training Centre for assistance but I have not received a response. What can I do?

If you have not received a response from your local Chapter or Training Centre Coordinator within a reasonable amount of time, please contact ITLS International for assistance. Staff can contact the Chapter or Training Centre on your behalf.

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FAQs for ITLS Instructor Course: A Blended-Learning Approach

What is covered in the Instructor Course Online Component?

The Online Component is built on a foundation of adult education principles. It is composed of interactive modules with video examples to illustrate the course’s core teachings.

The Online Component includes 8 modules:

  • History & Organization of ITLS
  • The Learning Environment
  • Learning Styles
  • Delivery Methods
  • Communication Styles
  • ITLS Skill Stations
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Student Evaluations

The Instructor Course Online Component is approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) for a maximum of 3.25 continuing education hours (CEH).

What happens after I have successfully completed the Instructor Course Online Component and received my Course Completion Certificate?

The next step in the process of becoming an ITLS Instructor is to locate, register for and attend an ITLS Instructor Course Classroom Component session. This 6.75-hour course is conducted in person by your local Chapter or Training Centre. At this live course, you will learn how to teach skill stations, administer testing procedures, and evaluate student performance. You will practice techniques to make you a better instructor.

How do I find an ITLS Instructor Course Classroom Component session?

Use the ITLS Course Management System (CMS) to search for a course:

  • Visit
  • ITLS recommends putting in fewer criteria into the search boxes in order to return the maximum number of results. For example:
    1. Choose your State/Province if you are in the U.S. or Canada
    2. Choose your Country if you are outside the U.S. or Canada
    3. Choose Instructor from the Course Type drop-down menu
    4. Choose Classroom Component from the Description drop-down menu
    5. Leave all other fields blank
    6. Click box at lower right to Search Courses
  • CMS will return a list of all upcoming Classroom Component courses available in the location you specified
  • Click one of the results that are returned to find out more about that course, including the Course Registration Contact Information
  • Call or email the Course Registration Contact to inquire about getting registered for the course
  • Having trouble with the CMS? Contact ITLS staff by calling 888-495-4857 or 630-495-6442, or emailing

Why can’t I find a Classroom Component session scheduled in my area?

CMS may not yet show any Classroom Component sessions scheduled in your area. If you can’t find a Classroom Component session that meets your needs, you should always contact your local Chapter or Training Centre to inquire about your options.

  • Sometimes, course coordinators have not yet input their upcoming courses to CMS, so you may not see any results displayed
  • ITLS always recommends contacting your local Chapter or Training Centre coordinator directly if you cannot find a course that meets your needs
  • Chapters and Training Centres may be aware of upcoming courses that are not yet in the system and can direct you accordingly
  • If no courses are immediately available, the Chapter or Training Centre can suggest resources to help, including a wait list or a referral to another coordinator
  • Find your Chapter or Training Centre’s contact information online at:
    (Choose your region from the left menu for quicker access to the Chapters and Training Centres available in your area.)

What should I bring with me to the Instructor Course Classroom Component?

Please bring the following items with you to the Classroom Component session:

  • Valid ITLS Provider card
  • ITLS Instructor Course Online Component Course Completion Certificate (printed)
  • Photo identification

All 3 items are required for entry to the Instructor Course Classroom Component. If you do not have all items available, you will not be permitted to take the Classroom Component.

Your Instructor Course Classroom Component coordinator will verify your Instructor Potential designation at the time of registration. You should not register for the Instructor Course Classroom Component if you have not achieved Instructor Potential at your ITLS Provider course.

What content and activities will be covered at the Instructor Course Classroom Component?

The Instructor Course Classroom Component session is a hands-on practical training session, so please wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. You will learn how to set up, teach, and evaluate ITLS skill stations and patient assessment stations during this session.

The Classroom Component will cover 5 topics:

  • Facilitating ITLS Cognitive Sessions
  • Facilitating ITLS Patient Assessment Scenarios
  • Facilitating ITLS Skill Stations
  • Facilitating ITLS Evaluation and Testing
  • Requirements of Instructor Monitoring

What do I need to do to prepare for the Instructor Course Classroom Component?

At the Classroom Component, you will be expected to deliver an ITLS lecture and skill station to your peers. You will receive your teaching assignments and detailed instructions, including the required time length for each presentation, from the Classroom Component coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to the course date. This will give you time to fully prepare and gain confidence when presenting the lecture and skill station at the Classroom Component course. You will also be expected to deliver the ITLS patient assessment testing scenarios so please ensure that you are familiar with the format and content.

At the time of registration, your Classroom Component coordinator will provide you with a copy of the ITLS Coordinator and Instructor Guide and the ITLS Provider Course PowerPoint presentations. Note that while you are given the complete Coordinator and Instructor Guide and set of PowerPoint presentations, you are responsible only for presenting a specific lecture and skill station as assigned.

To adequately prepare, ITLS recommends reviewing your ITLS Provider manual to become totally familiar with the knowledge and skills required to be able to deliver your sessions. In the Coordinator and Instructor Guide, you will find guidance and tips for how to deliver your session. Please read it carefully. You should also review the PowerPoint presentations and instructor notes to ensure you have mastery of the content.

When will I receive my ITLS Instructor card after successfully completing the Instructor Course Classroom Component?

The final step in the process of becoming an ITLS Instructor is to complete the Instructor Monitoring. You will be monitored teaching a lecture, skill station, and patient assessment testing at an ITLS Provider course. At the course, you will be paired with an experienced instructor during skill station teaching and patient assessment scenario teaching and testing.

At the conclusion of the Instructor Course Classroom Component, you will receive information about how to complete the Instructor Monitoring process. The Instructor Monitoring process is coordinated by your local Chapter or Training Centre Coordinator. If you have any questions about this process, you should contact your local Chapter or Training Centre Coordinator directly for guidance.

ITLS does not specify how many courses you must be monitored teaching. This is based on the monitoring instructor’s observations and feedback. It is not unreasonable to expect some instructor candidates to attend a second course to build confidence. The decision should be agreed upon by the monitoring instructor and yourself, in conjunction with the Chapter or Training Centre administrators as needed.

After you have successfully completed the Instructor Monitoring requirements, you will receive your ITLS Instructor Card and certificate, as well as 6.75 hours of CAPCE continuing education credit.