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Looking to bring ITLS training to your location?

ITLS will help you find the best option for your organization to get started with training.

Resource to read: Getting Started with ITLS (printable PDF)

  • Sending potential ITLS students to an ITLS course

    ITLS can help interested persons or organizations locate ITLS courses that are convenient to their location. This is a good alternative for individuals or small groups. Students are responsible for their own travel and course expenses.

  • Inviting ITLS faculty to conduct courses on site

    ITLS can arrange for faculty to come to a location and conduct ITLS provider and/or instructor courses. Your organization may also invite representatives from a specific Chapter or Training Centre to conduct this training.

  • Working with an existing Chapter or Training Centre to organize a course at your location

    ITLS encourages new programs to work with existing ITLS Chapters and Training Centres whenever possible. A Chapter or Training Centre can organize courses that meet the needs of your organization, at your location as desired. If initial training is a success and your organization is interested in continuing ITLS training, consider becoming an approved training site within your Chapter or Training Centre.

    Find your local Chapter or Training Centre

    This option is chosen most often by organizations looking to become an ITLS Chapter or Training Centre in the future and wanting to train a core group of potential ITLS instructors. The inviting organization is responsible for the faculty and course expenses for conducting the course(s).

  • Conducting a Course Outside a Chapter

    ITLS will work with requesting organizations who apply for an ITLS “Course Outside of a Chapter.” If the necessary ITLS trained personnel are available, including the Medical Director, Course Coordinator, Instructors and the necessary equipment, there should not be difficulty in applying for a course. An application for such a course must be submitted to ITLS International at least 90 days before the start of the course. This option is also available to programs who are in the Chapter or Training Centre application process.

    Find out more about Courses Outside a Chapter or Training Centre

  • Applying for ITLS Chapter or Training Centre status

    Your organization can apply to become an independent ITLS provider site by applying to become an ITLS Chapter or Training Centre. This process can take 6 to 9 months and includes initial training, development of a policy and procedure manual, a site visit, and approval by the ITLS Board of Directors.  More than one Chapter or Training Centre is allowed in any geographic area.

    Find out more about becoming a Chapter or Training Centre

Questions about these options? Please contact Executive Director Ginny Kennedy Palys or Customer Service Manager Sue McDonough. Staff contact information