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Don’t let your ITLS Provider status lapse!

ITLS Provider Recertification focuses on recertification of trauma assessment and management skills for the experienced provider who has already completed the Basic or Advanced Provider course.

Most ITLS Provider cards are issued for a 3-year certification period. To recertify, providers must successfully complete a 1-day Recertification course or the full 2-day Provider course. (Chapter and Training Centre requirements for these options may vary.)

The 1-day Provider Recertification course covers the same skills stations and testing procedures as the 2-day Provider course.  Students are tested based on their skill level (Basic or Advanced).

Provider Recertification students must also take the ITLS Written Exam as part of the course and will be awarded an ITLS Advanced Provider or ITLS Basic Provider card upon successful completion of both the Written and Practical Exams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recertification

My Provider card expired a month ago. Am I still eligible to take a Provider Recertification course?
While a Provider Recertification course should be completed before your Provider status expires, Chapters and Training Centres may allow a grace period after expiration in which you are still eligible to take a Provider Recertification course. Contact your local Chapter or Training Centre Coordinator to discuss your options for recertification if your Provider status has expired.

I am active-duty military. My Provider card is expiring but I am currently deployed and unable to take a course. Do I have to retake the full Provider course when my deployment ends?
Most Chapters and Training Centres allow a grace period after expiration for deployed military personnel. Some Chapters and Training Centres may also consider issuing an extension card to keep your Provider status active while deployed. Contact your local Chapter or Training Centre Coordinator to discuss your options.

Can I use ITLS eTrauma to recertify?
ITLS requires a 1- or 2-day Provider Recertification course that includes practice and performance of skills stations and ITLS patient assessment procedures. A didactic course such as ITLS eTrauma is not sufficient as a recertification unless it is combined with a Completer course.

If you wish to take ITLS eTrauma in conjunction with a 1-day Completer Course, you may use this combination as an option for recertification. However, most Chapters and Training Centres require only a 1-day in-person Provider Recertification course, so taking ITLS eTrauma and a Completer Course would be more time-consuming and expensive than simply taking the Recertification course.