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ITLS is proud to introduce the all-new ITLS Instructor Course, a Blended-Learning Approach

This course combines an online component with a classroom component in a program designed to better prepare instructors with the skills and knowledge to deliver ITLS training more effectively to a global audience.

Here’s how the new ITLS Instructor program works:

1.  Successfully complete the ITLS Provider course you wish to teach (Advanced or Basic, or Pediatric). Individuals who complete an Advanced course are eligible to teach Basic or Advanced level courses.

2.  Earn the Instructor Potential designation by achieving specific scores on both the Written and Practical Exams at the Provider course:

  • At least 86% on the Written Exam
  • Excellent on the Patient Assessment Practical Exam

3.  Purchase and complete the Instructor Course Online Component, an 8-module online course built on a foundation of adult education principles.

Buy Instructor Course Online Component

4.  Attend an Instructor Course Classroom Component course, where you will review and practice facilitating skill stations, administering testing procedures, and evaluating student performance.

5.  Be monitored teaching a lecture, skill station, and testing at an ITLS Provider course.

6.  Receive your ITLS Instructor card and become eligible to instruct at ITLS courses.

NOTE: If you have not already met the requirements outlined in items #1 and #2 above, you will need to complete them before you are eligible to become an ITLS instructor. Do not purchase the Instructor Course Online Component program unless you are certain you have fulfilled these requirements.

If you have any questions about whether you are eligible to take the Instructor Course Online Component to become an ITLS Instructor, please contact your local Chapter or Training Centre before purchasing the program. Find contact info

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