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Become an Instructor

Interested in teaching ITLS courses?

Here’s an overview of the process of becoming an instructor:

  1. Successfully complete the ITLS Provider course you wish to teach (Advanced or Basic, or Pediatric)
  2. Earn the Instructor Potential designation by meeting specific requirements on both the Written and Practical Exams at the Provider course:
    1. At least 86% on the Written Exam
    2. Excellent on the Patient Assessment Practical Exam (Chapter or Training Centres may choose to use additional criteria)
  3. Attend a 1-day ITLS Instructor course
  4. Be monitored teaching lecture, skill station, and patient assessment at an ITLS Provider course
  5. Receive your ITLS Instructor card and become eligible to instruct at courses within your Chapter or Training Centre

Some Chapters and Training Centres choose to have instructor candidates take an instructor preceptorship rather than monitoring their performance teaching at a single ITLS Provider course.

Basic ITLS instructors can teach only basic ITLS courses. Advanced ITLS instructors can teach basic or advanced ITLS courses. Physicians who are Board certified in emergency medicine, or who are ATLS providers, or who actively participate in and teach trauma care, may take the ITLS Instructor course or preceptorship without taking the full ITLS Provider course.