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Policies and Procedures to Become a Chapter or Training Centre

All organizations applying to become an approved ITLS Chapter or Training Centre must follow the application procedures as outlined below. Be advised that the process may take 6 to 9 months and requires a time commitment as well as financial responsibilities for a site visit and other expenses.

Resource to read: Becoming a Chapter or Training Centre (printable PDF)

ITLS Application

An ITLS application (completed in English) must be electronically submitted to the International office. The application requests specific information regarding the applicant organization and individuals seeking the charter; the history, if any, with ITLS courses in the geographic area; the organization’s and individuals’ past experience(s) with ITLS; plans for conducting ITLS courses; the projection of the number of ITLS students to be trained each year; and involvement with EMS providers and medical direction in the area.

A letter of support from the sponsoring organization must accompany the application.

Download ITLS Chapter Application

Download ITLS Training Centre Application

Developing a Core ITLS Faculty

The first step after submitting an application is ensuring that the applicant organization has a core group of certified ITLS instructors.

Ideally, EMS-related personnel who are well-experienced in trauma care and teaching should be invited to be trained as ITLS instructors. This will result in the certification of an initial group of faculty who can promote the course and serve as the core of ITLS instructors for the Chapter or Training Centre.

Initial ITLS Course(s)

If the applicant organization does not have certified ITLS instructors, ITLS can work with the organization to arrange initial training.

The applicant organization may choose to send its potential ITLS instructors to ITLS Provider and Instructor courses that are already scheduled by an existing ITLS Chapter or Training Centre. This can be more cost-effective when only a few potential instructors are seeking training.

The applicant organization may also opt to work with ITLS to schedule initial courses at their location. The applicant organization is responsible for the travel expenses of the ITLS-appointed representative(s) to be present and teach or assist in teaching the initial course(s).

ITLS will appoint the faculty who will teach the initial course(s). The applicant organization may request certain ITLS faculty, but final selection of faculty rests with ITLS. This facilitates continuity. It also ensures that questions from an educational and organizational perspective can be addressed. ITLS will designate one faculty member as the official representative of the organization. All information regarding the initial course must be approved by the International office.

Following the initial course, ITLS may or may not require an additional course(s) with designated faculty and direction prior to proceeding with the application process.

Advance Notice

The applicant organization must request its initial ITLS course to the ITLS office at least three months (90 days) in advance of the proposed course date.

Bridge Course

At the initial provider course, personnel will be trained in the concepts of trauma care in accordance with ITLS guidelines. At the same time, a “bridge” program may be offered to current PHTLS, TNCC or ATLS instructors to facilitate reciprocal certification. The ITLS Instructor Bridge program requires the successful completion of the ITLS Instructor Course Online Component and an in-person Classroom Component. ITLS instructor candidates who successfully complete these requirements must be monitored teaching an ITLS course to gain ITLS instructor certification.

ITLS Advisory Committee

In order to ensure that representatives of all interested groups are involved in the efforts to become a recognized ITLS Chapter or Training Centre, the applicant organization must establish an ITLS Advisory Committee.  The Committee provides input into the process of becoming an approved ITLS program and provides the mechanism through which personnel have a voice in ITLS-related matters.

Administrative Structure

The applicant organization must develop a proposed administrative structure for the ITLS Chapter or Training Centre.  This must include:

  • Mission statement of the Chapter or Training Centre
  • Agreement that the organization will abide by the ITLS bylaws and policies
  • Designation and signatures of the Medical Director, Coordinator, ITLS Executive Director, and the Chair of the ITLS Board of Directors

ITLS Policy and Procedure Manual

Each applicant must develop an ITLS policy and procedure manual that outlines the duties and responsibilities of the administrative leaders and faculty in its organization. The procedure manual must also contain all operating procedures for conducting ITLS.  The procedure manual must be approved by the ITLS Global Development Committee before a site visit will be scheduled. While the applicant may wish to produce a procedure manual written in a language other than English, a copy provided to ITLS for review must be written in English.

Guidelines for creating a Policy and Procedure manual are included as an Appendix in:

Becoming a Chapter or Training Centre
View Policy and Procedure Manual Checklist

Site Visit

After the applicant has completed the above requirements, the final step before Board approval of its application is a site visit by one or more ITLS Board members or a designee. The purpose of the site visit is to observe the applicant’s instructors teaching an ITLS course(s) and evaluate the administrative operations of the applicant. The applicant may request that the reviewer serves as faculty for an ITLS course when appropriate.

Expenses for the site visit are the responsibility of the applicant. Prior to scheduling a site visit, the applicant must sign an ITLS Host Agreement. Currently, we only conduct virtual site visits but may offer in-person visits later this year. Whether a visit is held virtually is the decision of the ITLS Executive Director.

Board Consideration

After a successful site visit and approval of all application documents, the ITLS Global Development Committee may recommend approval of the applicant to the ITLS Board of Directors.  Whether an ITLS charter is granted is the sole decision of the ITLS Board.

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