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Frequently Asked Questions for Coordinators

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How do I become an approved course coordinator?

Course coordinators are appointed by a Chapter or Training Centre. The course coordinator must be an experienced EMS educator and program organizer with thorough knowledge of the ITLS program. The course coordinator must be present throughout the course and will serve as the primary resource for information and questions of an administrative nature. Refer to your Chapter or Training Centre’s Policy & Procedure Manual for specific appointment procedures.

How do I register or schedule a course?

Course coordinators work with their local Chapter or Training Centre to schedule and register an ITLS course. If the Chapter or Training Centre uses CMS, the course request is submitted through CMS and approval is granted by the Chapter or Training Centre.

How many students can be taught in a course?

The number of students that can be taught in a course is limited by the availability of faculty, equipment, and classroom space for lecture, skill stations, and patient assessment testing stations. ITLS mandates that a student to faculty ratio be no more than 6:1. Because so much of the teaching is almost one to one, large classes cannot be taught. Most classes range from 24 to 36 students; however, if enough instructors are available, as many as 50 students or more may be taught.

How much time should students at a Provider course be given to complete the Written Exam?

Now that the Written Exam is 50 ques­tions in length, students should be given up to 60 minutes to complete. The Instructor Guide has sample agendas for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. The 60 minute version should be used going forward.

What constitutes course completion?

A student may become an ITLS provider by attending the lectures and skill stations and by passing the written and practical examinations. ITLS providers will receive a card and/or certificate from the ITLS chapter confirming that they have satisfactorily completed the course. Certification is good for 3 years or whatever length is deemed appropriate by the chapter. Such certification does not guarantee future performance, nor is it a form of licensure of any kind. Students who fail either the written or the practical examination after retesting will be given documentation of attendance so they may receive continuing education credit.

Students who successfully complete the written examination but are unable to pass the practical skills may receive a certificate of course completion, but not an ITLS card.

What are the costs for ITLS cards?

ITLS charges an assessment fee per student taught pass or fail. The International fee is $17.00 USD effective April 2019.

ITLS Chapters and Training Centres usually also assess a fee which includes the ITLS International fee. Please contact your local Chapter or Training Centre to inquire about course fees.

Where do I submit payment for a course I have coordinated?

Course coordinators pay their fees to the Chapter or Training Centre, and the Chapter or Training Centre passes the International assessment fee on to ITLS International. Course coordinators do not typically pay ITLS International directly. Please contact your local Chapter or Training Centre for more specific payment policies and procedures.

I contacted my local Chapter or Training Centre for assistance but I have not received a response. What can I do?

If you have not received a response from your local Chapter or Training Centre Coordinator within a reasonable amount of time, please contact ITLS International for assistance. Staff can contact the Chapter or Training Centre on your behalf.
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