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Case-Based Learning Scenarios

ITLS is proud to present a new resource for instructors: the Case-Based Learning Scenarios and Scenario Evaluation Rubric.

This release includes an overview of ITLS Case-Based Learning (CBL), a detailed description of the new CBL scenario format, the first two sets of teaching scenarios, and the new Scenario Evaluation Scoring Rubric. The scenario format has been designed specifically to enhance instructors’ efficiency and effectiveness when teaching.

These materials will assist instructors with presenting Case-Based ITLS Provider courses that address the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of learning for a more intensive ITLS learning experience. Through carefully crafted questions and feedback, ITLS instructors take an active role in facilitating learner understanding and enabling them to integrate the key points and learning objectives.

Reminder: These open-access materials are for practice use during an ITLS course only and should NOT be used for testing.

Case-Based Learning Materials

Case-Based Learning Scenarios – Version 1.0 – 2019

  • Includes 20 practice scenarios as well as overview and explanation of use
  • Single, printable PDF document
  • Easy electronic navigation through hyperlinked table of contents, bookmarks, and page thumbnails
  • Do not use for testing purposes. Testing scenarios will be released in the future.

Scenario Evaluation Rubric – “Fillable” PDF Form

  • Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to score students’ skill performance electronically!
  • Enhances documentation and minimizes input errors
  • Allows electronic saving of individual scoring rubrics for course files

How to Use the Fillable Evaluation Rubric

  • Short overview of best practices for using the fillable PDF form
  • Quick-reference guide to getting started with the rubric

ITLS Case-Based Learning Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q&A format of the questions that were raised during the introductory webinar

ITLS Scenario Development Rubric: Possible Solutions for Evaluating Challenges

  • A “what if” format to clarify scoring the scenario evaluation rubric, with examples and rationale for how to evaluate

All materials are available for non-English-speaking Chapters and Training Centres to translate. Please contact Kate Blackwelder at to request the Microsoft Word files for translation.

Introductory Webinars

Two introductory webinars were presented May and June to provide an orientation to the ITLS Case-Based Learning scenarios and scoring rubric.

A recording of the webinar is available now!

What’s Coming Next

The ITLS Editorial Board workgroup is at work on additional practice scenarios and testing scenarios for future release. Scenarios will be released in sets of 10 on an ongoing basis with the goal to develop a comprehensive bank of scenario resources for instructors. The CBL Scenarios – Version 1.0 document will be updated to a new version with each new scenario set release to make it easy to ensure instructors have access to the most current materials. All scenarios align with the changes that will be published in the 9th Edition ITLS Provider manual slated for release this fall.