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ITLS Offers New Options for Provider Courses During COVID-19 Pandemic

ITLS recognizes that students worldwide may need or want to obtain ITLS Provider certification during the pandemic period, when many courses are not able to be held in person due to public health and safety concerns.

The ITLS Board of Directors has approved alternate pathways for achieving ITLS Provider certification during this unprecedented time. There are options for two types of students:

  1. New students seeking their initial Provider certification
  2. Current students who wish to renew their existing Provider certification

The options and requirements for conducting certification courses vary and are detailed on the Alternate Pathways for ITLS Certification During COVID-19 Pandemic flow chart below (click image to view full PDF) but several elements are universal:
1. The Written Exam will not be administered during the pandemic period due to exam security concerns.
2. The Patient Assessment Practical Exam will be conducted live via videoconference and will focus on the performance of the Rapid Trauma Survey and the Reassessment Exam.

This guidance on alternate pathways replaces previous guidance from ITLS on extensions for Provider cards, distributed on March 18, 2020. Provider cards may not be extended beyond June 30, 2020. After that date, all students must comply with the alternate pathways requirements to receive or renew their certification.

Additional logistical concerns for each pathway are addressed in the document ITLS Guidance: Conducting ITLS Courses Remotely During the Pandemic. This document also includes best practices for remote learning for instructors and for students.

Download Pandemic Resources:

ITLS Alternate Pathways for Certification Flowchart

ITLS Guidance: Conducting ITLS Courses Remotely During the Pandemic

If you are interested in pursuing ITLS Provider certification or recertification during the pandemic, please contact your local Chapter/Training Centre to discuss! ITLS recommends contacting your local program BEFORE purchasing ITLS eTrauma or the ITLS Rapid Renewal Provider Update courses.