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Congratulations to Newly Elected Board of Directors Members

Congratulations to the four individuals who were elected to the ITLS Board of Directors at the International Congress Business Session at the conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

From left: Richard Bradley, Jonathan Epstein, Liz Cloughessy, and Aaron Jeanette.

Elected to three-year terms were:

  • Richard N. Bradley, MD, FACEP, EMT-P – Texas
  • Audrey Elizabeth Cloughessy, AM, Mast Health Mgt, RN, FAEN (USA), MRCNA (AUS) – Australia & New Zealand (incumbent)
  • Jonathan L. Epstein, MEMS, NRP – Massachusetts (incumbent)

Elected to a one-year term was:

  • Aaron Jeanette, Firefighter/Paramedic/Educator – Indiana

The Speaker and Vice Speaker of the International Congress were also elected. Jeff Gilliard, EMT-P, CCEMTP, FP-C, BS, of Florida, was re-elected as Speaker. Amy Boise, NRP, FP-C, of Arizona, was re-elected Vice Speaker.

Congratulations to all.