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Call for ITLS Awards Nominations

ITLS will honor members who have made exemplary contributions to the organization, its chapters, training centres, and trauma education at the 2021 International Trauma Conference in Tampa, Florida, USA. The awards presentations will take place during the annual business meeting on Friday, November 5.


  • ITLS Ambassador – For belief in and promotion of the ITLS mission and dedication to ITLS and efforts to make the organization stronger
  • ITLS Medical Director of the Year Award – Named in honor of ITLS’ founder Dr. John Campbell and for outstanding leadership and medical direction of ITLS
  • ITLS Instructor of the Year Award – Named in honor of Dr. Ray Fowler who worked with Dr. Campbell to start ITLS training programs and for outstanding leadership in pre-hospital trauma training
  • ITLS Coordinator of the Year Award – Named in honor of ITLS’ first executive director Pat Gandy, RN, who coordinated many of the first ITLS courses
  • ITLS Access Award – Named in honor of Harvey Grant who was one of the first authors and teachers of ITLS Access courses. 
Awards nominations may be made by ITLS chapters, training centres, or individuals involved in the organization.


ITLS will establish a Wall of Honor to recognize leaders who had made significant contributions to trauma care and ITLS. Honorees would only be recognized after their death and upon the nomination of their ITLS chapter or training centre.


    1. The honoree must have been an ITLS provider, instructor, or person engaged in ITLS administration.
    2. The honoree must have been a role model for ITLS members by demonstrating leadership and contributing to the organization through chapter, training centre, or International activities.
    3. The honoree should have improved trauma care for patients through their dedication to ITLS exemplified by serving on the International Board of Directors, Editorial Board, or other committees, or by authoring publications advancing emergency trauma care.
    4. The honoree should have been dedicated ITLS’s mission to prevent death and disability from trauma through education and emergency trauma care.


Honorees will be inducted into the Wall of Honor during the annual business meeting and awards ceremony of ITLS. A photo and biography of the honorees will be displayed at the meeting and the International Trauma Conference. A dedicated page of the ITLS website will contain the photos and biographies of all honorees.


For all awards submit a copy of the nominee’s CV (or a short bio for Wall of Honor nominees) as well as a short letter of recommendation for your nominee. Nominations will not be considered without the letter of support. Please send nominations to Brittney Tambeau at


The deadline to submit nominations is close of business Friday, September 17, 2021.


Chapter Coordinators and Medical Directors: Please circulate this notice to your affiliate faculty and course directors, thank you.


Email Brittney Tambeau at