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7th Edition ITLS Provider Manual Published October 2011

International Trauma Life Support is proud to introduce the 7th edition ITLS for Emergency Care Providers manual that was released at the beginning of October 2011.

You can preview the new edition online now to find out more of what’s inside:

7e ITLS Walk-Through

The text sells to the public for $58, or $53 per book if 5 or more books are purchased. A Chapter price is available to Chapter Coordinators and Medical Directors.

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The new ITLS 7th edition conforms to the most recent AHA/ILCOR guidelines for artificial ventilation and CPR and now features key terms, updated art and photos, hands-on exercises, and new case presentations.

Download “What’s New in the 7th Edition” Informational Sheet

Other changes include:

  • The discussion of hemorrhagic shock has been updated with the experience of the military during the recent conflicts.
  • Recent studies on chest wall thickness and the current controversy over which site to use to decompress a tension pneumothorax are discussed.
  • Procedures have been added for use of a tourniquet and use of hemostatic agents.
  • Insertion of an IO needle by use of the EZ-IO system has been added.
  • A discussion of blast injuries has been added.
  • The latest recommendations for post-exposure prophylaxis have been updated.

Download ITLS 7th Edition Overview Flier

As with the 6th edition manual, instructor materials, including the Instructor Guide and PowerPoint slides, will be available free of charge to instructors. The materials are not yet released but will be available in the coming weeks. New exams have also been developed to correspond with the new manual and will be available shortly as well.

These materials will also be accessible through Brady Book’s ResourceCentral, a web portal of resources related to the 7th edition manual. Access codes for entry to ResourceCentral will be included with the textbook and will have a section available for students featuring interactive learning exercises as well as a section customized for instructors with supplemental teaching materials.