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7th Edition Instructor Materials Now Available!

ITLS is pleased to announce the 7th edition instructor materials are now available:

PowerPoint slides covering the Provider course material
Instructor Guide for the 7th edition text
All-new exams, including pre-tests and post-tests for Basic and Advanced-level students
ITLS has made the materials available to its Chapters. Chapters will be responsible for distributing the materials to their approved course coordinators and/or instructors. As with the 6th edition, these materials are free.

To get access to the instructor materials, please contact your local Chapter Coordinator. Please do not contact ITLS International, as you will be redirected to your Chapter.

Find Chapter Contact Information

Notes About the Materials
The exams are provided in Word document format so course coordinators may rearrange or “scramble” the post-test questions to create re-tests. A standard re-test has not been created for the 7th edition.

Instructor Course
The ITLS Editorial Board continues to work on an updated PowerPoint for the ITLS Instructor course. In the interim, course coordinators must incorporate the 7e changes into the Instructor course agenda and should add the material to the Instructor course slides. Therefore, anyone teaching the Instructor Course MUST have completed the Instructor Update online. This means that all faculty at the course MUST be updated before teaching the Instructor course.

The 7th Edition Instructor Update Online is available now for current ITLS Instructors. Find out more and purchase the program at: