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ITLS Case-Based Learning Recorded Webinar Now Available

In May and June, ITLS presented two live webinars to discuss orientation and use of the new Case-Based Learning scenarios and Scenario Evaluation Rubric just released. A recorded version of the webinar content is now available for all who were unable to attend one of the live sessions.

The webinar reviews the process and steps in depth through the materials. It addresses frequently asked questions that arose during the live sessions.

Watch the webinar now:

In addition, ITLS has also made two more resources documents available:

ITLS Case-Based Learning Frequently Asked Questions

ITLS Scenario Development Rubric: Possible Solutions for Evaluating Challenges

These documents reference the FAQs from the webinar and cite examples in a “what if” format to clarify scoring the scenario evaluation rubric, with examples and rationale for how to evaluate.

Get all of the ITLS Case-Based Learning materials, including 20 scenarios and the Rubric, here