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Call for Nominations for ITLS Board of Directors, Speaker, Vice Speaker

Three members will be elected to the ITLS Board of Directors by the ITLS delegates during the 2018 Business Session at the annual conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you would like to contribute to the success of ITLS, or know of a colleague who would make an excellent Board member, now is the time to consider making a nomination.

The term of office is three years. Effective with the 2017 elections, elected Directors will be limited to three successive terms.

The positions of Speaker and Vice Speaker of the International Congress will also be elected in 2018. The term for these positions is also three years.

View the qualifications for each position:

Board of Directors

Speaker of the International Congress

Vice Speaker of the International Congress

How to Submit a Nomination

The ITLS Nominating Committee will accept suggestions for all positions until August 24, 2018.

Please send your nominations for Board of Directors candidates to Ginny Kennedy Palys at Additional materials are not required at this time. The Nominating Committee will review all nominations and follow up.

Please review the 2018 Board Candidate Campaign Rules for full details.