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Deadline Extended for 7th Edition Instructor Update Online

The deadline to complete the ITLS 7th Edition Instructor Update Online has been extended to June 30, 2013. All instructors must complete the online program by this date in order to maintain current instructor status.

The cost of the program is $25 per instructor. Instructors who complete the update will receive 1 hour of CECBEMS credit.

The Instructor Update Online is intended for current ITLS instructors ONLY. It is not for initial instructor certification.

Do not purchase this program if you are not a current ITLS instructor who needs to become updated to the material in the 7th edition textbook.

If you have questions about whether the Instructor Update Onlne is appropriate for you, please contact your local Chapter before registering for the Update. Find your Chapter’s contact information

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Why is ITLS mandating an Instructor Update online for the 7th edition?

  • Consistency:
    • Ensures that all ITLS instructors are updated to the same standards for the new book
  • Convenience:
    • Brief and accessible any time; no need to take off work time or travel to attend a course
    • Minimizes efforts Chapters have to take to update their instructors

The ITLS Board of Directors and Editorial Board have set a policy that all Chapters are required to use the Instructor Update Online plus any Chapter-specific teaching requirements as the criteria for instructor recertification eligibility. Chapters may not require any additional didactic requirements for 7e instructor updates.

The Instructor Update Online is comprehensive and authored by the ITLS Editorial Board to ensure all pertinent materials is covered. A 30-question quiz at the completion of the program ensures a minimum standard of learning has been met.