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ITLS Military 2nd Edition Manual, Instructor Materials Now Available

ITLS is proud to announce the publication of the ITLS Military 2nd Edition. The program  textbook and dedicated Instructor Materials are in stock now and ready for use at new ITLS Military courses.

  • Buy textbook now at $50 per book ($47 per book for quantities of 5+)
  • Dedicated instructor materials include ITLS Military slides, instructor guide, and exams. Instructor guide and exams are available at no charge but must be requested from your local chapter or training centre. Find chapter or training centre
  • Military Provider Course Instructional Slides (PowerPoint) available from ITLS at cost of $30. Order now

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Who can take the ITLS Military Provider course?

Anyone who can take an ITLS Provider course may take the ITLS Military Provider course. The course is NOT a tactical EMS course. It is a military-based version of the ITLS Provider course. Most participants are active-duty military, National Guard, or in the Reserves. Students receive an ITLS Advanced or Basic Military Provider card and certification upon successful completion of the course.

Who can teach the ITLS Military Provider course?

In addition to the requirements for Instructor status, there are specific qualifications for teaching the ITLS Military 2nd Edition course. Anyone involved in the planning, delivery or coordination of the course should have military experience. In addition, those who taught the 1st edition ITLS Military course may continue to teach the course.

In unusual circumstances, a physician or other military medical provider (medic, paramedic, nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant) who has not taken the instructor course may help teach an ITLS course. However, this may be done only with the permission of the Chapter or Training Centre medical director or advisory committee.