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ITLS Candidate Materials

Business Session for Voting Delegates

Thursday, November 14, 2019
3:30 – 6:00 PM

All voting delegates should note the schedule for the ITLS Business Session when they make travel arrangements for the conference. A single Business Session will be held on Thursday, November 14 before the conference begins.

The Business Session will include voting for Board of Directors candidates, bylaws amendment, and proposed resolution, as well as presentation of ITLS’ annual awards. Credentialing will be open from 9:30-10:30 AM, 12:30-1:15 PM, and 3:15-3:30 PM on Thursday. Delegates must be credentialed before entry.

Board of Directors Elections

At the 2019 International Trauma Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, ITLS chapter delegates will elect three members to the organization’s Board of Directors.The Nominating Committee has slated seven candidates to stand for election to the Board:

Board Candidates:

  • Anthony Connelly, EMT-P, BHSc, PGCEd. – Alberta, Canada
  • Miles Darby, Paramedic – Pennsylvania, USA
  • Alessandro Dente, MD – Italy – AIFE
  • Aaron L. Jeanette, Paramedic – Indiana, USA
  • Ron Kowalik, ACP, BPHE – Ontario, Canada
  • Jurij Kryvonos, MD, MMed – Poland
  • Dr. Jayesh Bhagwanrao Shinde, MBA, PgdEMS, BDS – Philippines – Prompt C.A.R.E.

All individuals will be elected to serve a term of three years.

Delegates should review the complete candidate materials in advance of the Business Session. The candidate profiles will also be included in the Delegate Book, available to voting delegates online throughout the conference.

View Board of Directors Candidate Materials

Candidate Videos:

In addition to written candidate materials, candidates were invited to submit an optional video.

Alessandro Dente, MD – Italy-AIFE:

Floor Nomination Process for ITLS Board of Directors Candidates

The ITLS bylaws allow for floor nominations of candidates to stand for election for the Board of Directors.

Any delegates seeking nomination from the floor may nominate themselves or be nominated by another delegate when the floor is opened for nominations.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to have 250 copies of his/her written materials, data sheet, and disclosure statement prepared to distribute to the delegates. Upon receipt of this notification, the candidate is considered a “declared floor candidate” and has all the rights and responsibilities of candidates otherwise nominated by the Nominating Committee.

Bylaws Amendment

The ITLS Bylaws Committee has submitted an amendment for the delegates’ consideration. The amendment clarifies positions on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee reflective of the passing of ITLS’ President Dr. John Campbell. The bylaws had been structured to ensure that there would not be another president of the organization upon Dr. Campbell’s death.

To be enacted, the amendment must receive a two-thirds majority vote of the delegates present and credentialed.

View Bylaws Amendment Text

Proposed Resolution

A resolution has been received to establish scholarships for attendance at the International Trauma Conference. The resolution had been voted on in 2018 but was ruled out of order because it did not meet the notice requirements. The sponsor submitted the resolution in accordance with the required procedures in 2019.

To be adopted, the resolution must receive a simple majority vote of the delegates present and credentialed.

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