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ITLS Pediatric Instructor Materials Now Available

The instructor materials that accompany the 3rd edition of Pediatric Trauma Life Support for Prehospital Care Providers, for the ITLS Pediatric provider course, are now available.

Instructor materials include a revised Coordinator & Instructor Guide and the Provider Course Instructional Slides on CD. The Coordinator & Instructor Guide sells at a cost of $30 per book. The set of Provider Course Instructional Slides sells for $25. Or, save $5 by ordering the complete ITLS Pediatric Instructor Tool Kit, which includes both items. The Instructor Tool Kit is available at a cost of $50.

To place an order today, visit the ITLS Bookstore online or call ITLS at 888-495-ITLS (4857) or 630-495-6442, ext. 213.

What the Materials Include
The Pediatric Trauma Life Support Coordinator & Instructor Guide provides everything you need to know about running an ITLS Pediatric course from start to finish, updated to reflect the most current principles of pediatric trauma care found in the 3rd edition course manual. This resource for course coordinators and instructors guides you through pre-course planning, course execution, and post-course wrap-up.

Additional features include:

  • Eight new Patient Assessment Scenarios for practice and testing
  • Detailed equipment lists
  • Step-by-step timelines for course planning
  • Sample Course Agenda
  • “Guide for Instructors” and“Students’ Guide to ITLS Pediatric” chapters suitable for faculty and student handouts

The Pediatric Trauma Life Support Provider Course Instructional Slide Set includes 5 PowerPoints with a total of more than 125 illustrated slides covering each lecture section of the ITLS Pediatric course:

  • The Injured Child
  • Assessment of the Pediatric Patient
  • Thoracic-Abdominal Trauma
  • Head & Spinal Injury
  • Special Considerations in Pediatric Trauma

The disc also includes Speaker Notes and Slide Guide Student Handouts for each slide set. These extras are included as print-friendly PDFs for easy access.

3rd Edition ITLS Pediatric Tests
A series of new tests has been developed to correspond to the 3rd edition textbook as well. Advanced and basic-level pre-tests, post-tests and re-tests have been developed and are available for download to all Chapter Coordinators and Medical Directors. Chapters will be responsible for distributing the tests to their approved course coordinators and instructors as needed.

The ITLS Pediatric tests, answer keys, and answer sheets can be downloaded from the Chapter Coordinator & Medical Director section of now.

"What's New in the 3rd Edition" Resource Sheet
A resource sheet of changes to the 3rd edition of Pediatric Trauma Life Support for Prehospital Care Providers has also been developed for chapters and course coordinators to use when updating their instructors and teaching from the new textbook.

The informational sheet examines the text chapter by chapter, highlighting the changes made. This sheet, suitable for distributing to instructors or provider recertification students, can be downloaded now.

A complete rollout of the 3rd edition ITLS Pediatric package is scheduled for the 2009 International Trauma Conference in Charlotte, N.C. The 8-hour ITLS Pediatric Provider Course will be taught on November 4, 2009 and a 3-hour Instructor Update will be offered twice on November 5, 2009. Register now to attend one or both of these events!

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